Corrugated Box Manufacturer and Supplier in Delhi NCR, India

Packraft Corrugate India an ISO 22000:2005 certified company

Packraft Corrugate India Pvt. Ltd. are one of the leading Corrugated Box Manufacturer and Supplier of a wide variety of Corrugated Packaging Boxes, Corrugated Packaging Cartons and Pizza box mono cartons in India. We are an ISO 22000:2005 certified company. We designed as per the Industry Norms. Our rich industry experience, sound infrastructure, client centric operations, such as customization, prompts deliveries, and competitive prices and transparent business dealing have earned us numerous awards and membership. We follow a quality oriented approach while manufacturing the Corrugated box our range in very Hygienic Infrastructure and Designed as per the Industry Standard. No matter what the purpose, volume or requirement, we can meet it with the perfect corrugated box type recommendation. Produced with industry-best manufacturing standards, the endurance of these boxes keeps our customers returning to us, time and again. Our products are also renowned for delivering good storage capacity. All the corrugated boxes are regularly tested on certain parameters by our quality inspectors. Our packaging boxes can also be made of high quality fibers, plastics and wooden sheets. We use standard quality raw material which are also test by our high parameters by our fully automatic machines. Our mission is to provide optimum quality corrugated printed mono cartons and corrugated box products in a given period of time as its required by industry. Our motto is to provide you greatest satisfaction and gain faith throughout packaging industries in India in manufacturing best corrugated boxes and mono cartons.

Our Vision

We are customer focused and customer need is most important for us in terms of value, Quality and satisfaction.

Our Mission

Packraft has always aimed at accumulation of technology and skill, the development of new products, processes, quality standards that further strengths the competitiveness of company.


Our products go to various quality checks at all levels like Raw material than work in process and last at finished goods.

What is Corrugated Box

Lots of the items inside department shops and supermarkets were shipped to the store in paperboard boxes made of corrugated paperboard and times. It is because of the flexibility of paperboard that protect them and it is designed to exhibit products. Paperboard is the preferred material for displaying and shipping on account of the fact it’s rather strong. Despite its strength it’s lightweight and consists of 3 layers of what’s called kraft paper. To a plant, the kraft paper is sent from the paper mills. The plant glues and crimples the paper to make cardboard. It cut experiences the printing of text glued and is folded, which results which we experience every day and each.

The machine, called a corrugator, is so long as a football pitch. This means it measures approximately 300 feet. While others are used since the corrugator medium some of the rolls of paper are used as liners. Adhering to the machine has done the task of heating, gluing, and pressing that the paper to paperboard, the large sheet of paperboard that outcomes is then sent to machines which may take care to print the writing on the box cutting it, and pasting it to form a comprehensive box. The boxes shipped and are banded together. Such companies that receives these boxes are food processors, toy manufacturers, automobile parts distributors, and any company which must ship goods to other places around the globe. Corrugated box mono cartons are widely used in food packaging industry also like Fruits, cookies, spices, pharmaceuticals products etc.

Corrugated box is made up with corrugated paperboard that contains rows of air columns. An corrugated box have three different types of paper layer :

  • Inside Liner
  • Flute direction in middle layer
  • Outer liner

    The Pizza box you received comes in a corrugated box. Almost all products shipped in a corrugated boxes. Air columns makes paper strong and flexible which is very convenient for packaging.

Benefits of Corrugated Box

Corrugated box preferred most in the packaging industry throughout the world. Corrugated boxes (commonly known as cardboard boxes) are the most favourable because they provide safety of valuable products.

Some of the benefits of ‘Corrugated Boxes’ are below :

  • Packaging industry use corrugated boxes because it can be recyclable which is environment friendly.
  • They are way stronger than they actually look. Corrugated boxes are very trust worthy, Valuable items like Electronic items are also packs with corrugated boxes.
  • With the wide range of sizes and very light weight corrugated boxes it is so comfortable for loading and unloading purposes.
  • The raw material required to make corrugated box is available in very cheap rate in market. They are highly affordable for the packaging business.
  • If you want to print something on your shipped product carton then you should consider corrugated cardboard boxes. you can easily print your business logo and company name and other information you want on a corrugated box. It supports digital and screen printing. ‘Amazon shipping carton’ is an great example of printed corrugated box.